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Bad Allenmoos - Zurich's first outdoor pool since 1939

Katharina was born and raised in Zurich and knows Zurich like the back of her hand.

"One of my favorite places in Zurich is the Bad Allenmoos or "Möösli". When I was a kid, we used to go to Bad Allenmoos by bike almost every day during the summer vacations when the weather was nice."

The "Möösli", Zurich's first outdoor pool, was opened in 1939. Although bathers raved about the bath, it remained an insider tip for many years after the hype in the first decades.

In 1997/98, however, it was extensively renovated at a cost of 14.5 million and reopened in 1999. Nevertheless, the bath still exudes an air of the enchanted - like an old castle whose walls would have so many stories to tell...

Today, the Allenmoos offers a variety of attractions; the 50-meter swimming pool has a diving tower, while a 72-meter slide ends in the non-swimmer's pool. The little ones also have fun in a separate children's paddling pool. Volleyball courts, a restaurant, barbecue areas and checkrooms complete the facilities of the large outdoor pool.and the complex is prettier than ever. Nevertheless, you can find a peaceful spot at any time in the city's largest bath (45,000m2). 

You can reach the bath Allenmoos from the Hotel Alexander with the streetcar 15 or from the train station with the streetcar 11 in a good 15 minutes.