Mountain lover or city slicker - we are inseparable

If you're a friend of LAAX or Zurich, whether you're a "Mountain lover" or a "city slicker", you've come to the right place. Your loyalty to the destination of your choice will now be rewarded with a trip to the lowlands or the mountains in winter or summer.

As a guest of the Hotel Alexander in Zurich you benefit from a reduction of CHF 50.00 in the Laax partner hotels if you book one night or CHF 100.00 if you book three nights or more!

As a guest at a Laax partner hotel, you benefit from a 15% reduction on your entire stay at Hotel Alexander.

How does it work?

Use your booking confirmation from your stay in Laax or Zurich for the discount and book directly by e-mail or telephone with the keyword "inseparable" in the partner hotel of your choice.


You can find our current daily prices under the following link: Online Reservation

This offer cannot be cumulated with other discounts. 

If you have any questions or requests, we are available around the clock. To book our special please contact us by mail or call us directly at +41 44 251 82 03.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Your Team Hotel - Alexander