Experience Zurich for free

Holidays in Zurich don't have to be expensive. In the most expensive city in the world, many things are totaly free. That means a lot of Zurich for no money. With our simple tips and tricks you can experience a lot of Zurich for little money.


Züri Rollt: Free bike ride through Zurich.

Free Walking Tour: Experience Zurich through the eyes of a local.

Botanical Garden of the University of Zurich: Marvel at an area of around 53,000 m² against 9,000 different plant species.

Zoological Museum Zurich: An adventure for young and old.

Walk on the Uetliberg: Experience a wonderful view of Zurich.

Free swimming in Zurich: In summer, Zurich's most popular river baths invite you to splash and swim.

Einfach Zürich: Discover Zurich's history at the National Museum free of charge. 

Langenberg Wildlife Park Zurich: Wolf & Co. - In the Langenberg Wildlife Park west of Lake Zurich you will encounter the wildlife of Switzerland.

Succulent Collection Zurich: Unique in the world. The Succulent Collection Zurich houses one of the largest and most important special collections of succulent plants.

playgrounds in Zurich: The community centres of the city of Zurich invite you to play outside.

For free in the Kunsthaus: On Wednesdays the entrance to the collection is free for everyone!

Free drinking water: Everywhere in the city best drinking water flows from large and small wells: Free of charge for everyone.

Zurich Museums: Did you bought a  Zurich Card? Admission to most Zurich museums is free for holders of a Zurich Card.

Would you like to buy one or even get one for free? At the reception you can buy 24 hour ticket for CHF 27.00 each or book our Weekend Special

Exclusively for our guests: Free Hot Spots for unlimited Internet access throughout Switzerland as well as free entrance to the Zurch Zoo

You will find many other exciting free activities and events for young and old at zuerichunbezahlbar.ch

Züri Rollt Züri Rollt

Züri Rollt

The bikes are available for hire during the winter half-year at the Europaplatz bike station at Zurich main station free of charge during the day and for CHF 10 overnight. Show your ID, deposit CHF 20 and off you go! The seasonal locations will be back in operation in May.

Züri Rollt
Free Walking Tour Free Walking Tour

Free Walking Tour

The tours are offered free of charge and each guide is pleased about a tip. Experience exciting, original and entertaining city tours, accompanied by residents of the city of Zurich as tour guides. In this way you will also get to know many insider tips.

Free Walking Tour
Botanical Garden Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

An experience for the senses. Tropical rainforest, scents of the Mediterranean, primeval forest with tree ferns and blooming alpine roses. The Botanical Garden can be easily reached by public transport from the centrally located Hotel Alexandersehr.

Botanical Garden
Walk on the Uetliberg Walk on the Uetliberg

Walk on the Uetliberg

The Uetliberg is Zurich's local mountain. From here you have a view of the city, the lake and the Alps. The Uetliberg can also be climbed on foot at any age.

Free swimming in Zurich Free swimming in Zurich

Free swimming in Zurich

The river baths of Oberer and Unterer Letten are only a good 20 minutes away from Hotel Alexander and have been trendy among the population of Zurich for some years now. If the weather is fine, you can also swim for free in Lake Zurich.

swimming for free
Einfach Zürich - Free visit to the Landesmuseum Einfach Zürich - Free visit to the Landesmuseum

Einfach Zürich - Free visit to the Landesmuseum

The city and canton of Zurich have a long and eventful history. This is now being shown in a permanent exhibition at the Landesmuseum. From the model of a lake dweller's hut to the Bircher grater and the flag of a youth movement, the show illuminates Zurich's diverse past. Admission to the exhibition is free of charge. Tickets are available from the National Museum.

Einfach Zürich
Wildlife Park Zurich Langenberg Wildlife Park Zurich Langenberg

Wildlife Park Zurich Langenberg

Wolves, brown bears, moose, wild boars and numerous other wild animals live in the Langenberg Game Park outside the gates of the city of Zurich. You can observe the animals in their natural habitat on various circular paths through the forest. Admission to the animal facilities in Langenberg, the Sihlwald and to the visitor centre in Sihlwald is free.

Succulent Collection Zurich Succulent Collection Zurich

Succulent Collection Zurich

Since 1931, Zurich has housed the world's most important collection of water-storing plants, the Succulent Collection Zurich, as a special cultural asset. In Quartier Enge, in the immediate vicinity of the Belvoir and Rieter parks and the Arboretum on Lake Zurich, around 20,800 water-storing plants from around 4,400 species are cultivated in seven greenhouses, in cold frames and in a rock garden. The fascinating plants attracted 58,000 visitors in 2018.

Sukkulenten-Sammlung Zürich
Free playgrounds in Zurich Free playgrounds in Zurich

Free playgrounds in Zurich

For more than 60 years, the Zurich Community Centres (GZ) have helped shape life in the city of Zurich. They offer space for almost everything - and for Switzerland a uniquely diverse range of socio-cultural activities. The GZs are present in the neighbourhood - they have outdoor playgrounds, coffees and mostly a small farm with animals.

Zürcher Gemeinschaftszentren
for free to the Kunsthaus for free to the Kunsthaus

for free to the Kunsthaus

The museum is free on Wednesdays! The Kunsthaus Zürich houses one of the most important art collections in Switzerland: Picasso, Monet, van Gogh and Munch are only the most famous artists whose works are exhibited there.

Free drinking water Free drinking water

Free drinking water

Fresh and first-class drinking water is always available in Zurich - thanks to more than 1,200 wells that can be found every few metres in the city. This makes Zurich one of the cities with the most wells in the world. There are exciting stories to tell about every fountain.

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