Insider tips from our staff

Discover the favorite places of our staff as well as the management. Whether it's cooling off in one of the city's outdoor pools in the summer or dining in local restaurants. Our insider tips will make your stay in Zurich something very special.

Bad Allenmoos - Zurich's first outdoor pool since 1939

Katharina was born and raised in Zurich and knows Zurich like the back of her hand.

"One of my favorite places in Zurich is the Bad Allenmoos or "Möösli". When I was a kid, we used to go to Bad Allenmoos by bike almost every day during the summer vacations when the weather was nice."

The "Möösli", Zurich's first outdoor pool, was opened in 1939. Although bathers raved about the bath, it remained an insider tip for many years after the hype in the first decades.

In 1997/98, however, it was extensively renovated at a cost of 14.5 million and reopened in 1999. Nevertheless, the bath still exudes an air of the enchanted - like an old castle whose walls would have so many stories to tell...

Today, the Allenmoos offers a variety of attractions; the 50-meter swimming pool has a diving tower, while a 72-meter slide ends in the non-swimmer's pool. The little ones also have fun in a separate children's paddling pool. Volleyball courts, a restaurant, barbecue areas and checkrooms complete the facilities of the large outdoor pool.and the complex is prettier than ever. Nevertheless, you can find a peaceful spot at any time in the city's largest bath (45,000m2). 

You can reach the bath Allenmoos from the Hotel Alexander with the streetcar 15 or from the train station with the streetcar 11 in a good 15 minutes.

Where does our management swim? Unterer Letten river pool

The "Underi Lätte" is the oldest river bath in the city of Zurich and a popular meeting place for residents all around.

After jumping into the water, the bathers let themselves drift downstream in the swimming channel. A few fight the current, but most climb ashore and run back - where the fun starts all over again. There is also a non-swimmer's pool, a children's paddling pool and a 3-meter diving tower. A kiosk offers grilled specialties, fresh salads, pasta and antipasti. Cultural events are regularly held here in the evenings, as well as an open-air cinema in the summer.


Built in 1909 by the architects Fissler and Friedrich, the baths at Untere Letten are the oldest river baths in the city of Zurich. At that time, the wooden open-air bath went beyond the scope of all conventional box baths. To this day, it has been preserved almost entirely in its original condition. In 1956, a non-swimmer's pool and a paddling pool were added to it according to plans by Elsa and Ernst Burkhardt. In 1986 it was also classified as worthy of preservation.

One can linger under the shady arbors of the Kastenbad, on the shore-side sun terrace or the so-called "Luftbad" with sunbathing lawn and trees. In the beginning, the Untere Letten was a men-only bath, the women's bath with swimming pool (in the upper part of the complex) was added later. Today all the baths are mixed.

Kiosk Josefwiese

Josefwiese is the nearby neighborhood meeting place for recreation and socializing. Space & place for all & much: offer as well as possibility.

The team of the Kiosk- and Bistro-operation feeds the thirsty and hungry with a simple & carefully designed offer through the day and the seasons.
The grilled sausage, the salad, the beer.
The wähe, the Gasparini glacé, the cappucino.
Free from advertising, consumerism and reservations, the Bistro of the Josefwiese Kiosk Association has been serving young and old since 1996.

Ida Square

What Paradeplatz is to Zurich's banking center, Idaplatz is to District 3. Here - on the corner of Berta and Zurlindenstrasse - you will find the city's gastronomic culture. Exciting restaurants and bars are lined up around Idaplatz, attracting a lively scene of people from all over the world. In summer, the square is a terrace for everyone. Whether for coffee, beer, wine and cocktails, pasta, crêpes and moules et frites - or just to stand around and chat. A bit like an Italian piazza.

You can also shop at Idaplatz. The Chornlade at Zurlindenstrasse 211 on Idaplatz, which is run by a cooperative, was founded back in 1978, making it one of the first organic food stores in Switzerland. A large part of the product range comes from small producers and collectives that work in the spirit of the cooperative.

Once a year in summer, the residents of Kreis 3 meet at ida 23