Laura Pausini


The highly anticipated dates for the LAURA PAUSINI WORLD TOUR 2023/2024 have been announced today. The announcement of the world tour, which will kick off in Rome next December, follows the huge success of #LAURA30, the unparalleled music marathon that saw Laura perform three live shows in 24 hours in New York, Madrid and Milan. With #LAURA30 and today's announcement of her tour, Laura Pausini celebrates her unprecedented career over the last 30 years. On 15 February 2024, she will come to Zurich with her show at the Hallenstadion.

It will be a grandiose comeback for Laura Pausini, whose world tour she will begin after the premiere
at St Mark's Square in Venice and at the Plaza de España in Seville, her world tour will take her to some of the world's most renowned
arenas in the world. Laura will deliver a show to her enthusiastic fans,
repertoire with lots of new music, marking a new chapter in her career.
"I haven't been on tour since 2019," says Laura Pauisini. "That's what I've missed the most
the most in the last few years. When Paolo, my husband, and I thought about our honeymoon,
we looked into each other's eyes and we both realised that the best way to celebrate and be truly happy
to be happy was to get back on stage. The new world tour will be our
very own honeymoon!" The tour will kick off in Rome in December and will first pass through Italy before touring the rest of Europe
Europe. It then continues in South America, until after various dates in North America the tour
the tour will end in New York, where it began with #LAURA30.
This week also sees the release of the vinyl edition of "Un Buon Inizio/Un Buen Inicio",
Laura Pausini's latest single, produced by Simon Says and Paolo Carta, written by
Riccardo Zanotti of Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, Giorgio Pesenti, Marco Paganelli and Laura
herself. The B-side of the record also features "Davanti a noi / Frente a Nosotros",
a song written by Laura Pausini, Paolo Carta and Niccolò Agliardi and the soundtrack to Laura's and
soundtrack to Laura and Paolo's wedding.