TECHNO WORLDS & The Pulse Of Techno

Jan 11, 2024 - Mar 31, 2024

The Photobastei is bringing techno to the museum from 11 January to 31 March with two major exhibitions and an accompanying programme!

Did you know that Zurich's techno culture is part of UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage? In 2017, the Federal Office of Culture added it to the list of living traditions in Switzerland, alongside the Räbeliechtlium parade and swinging, among others. This may sound strange at first - but it is nothing more than the logical consequence of the fact that even the furthest "Chrachen" is now flirting with location-promoting raves. This "last youth movement", as techno culture is called, has long since arrived in the mainstream and in society at large - and is therefore also on the list of Switzerland's living traditions!

But why has techno taken off in the Zwingli city in particular?
First of all, it has to do with the same factors that helped techno make its breakthrough all over the world: more affordable synthesisers and other electronic devices, a passionate, curious youth, new drugs and the fascinating, booming bass from Detroit. In Zurich, the provocative Street Parade, which was held for the first time in 1992, the liberalisation of the Hospitality Industry Act in 1996 and the abolition of the ban on dancing on public holidays four years later were additional boosters.
These and many other interesting aspects of Zurich and its global techno culture can be experienced in two exhibitions and a comprehensive accompanying programme at the Photobastei. 

The exhibitions

As a global phenomenon, techno has not only left its mark on music history, but has also had an impact on contemporary culture, art, pop culture, media consumption and technology.  
More than 20 international artists were selected by the Goethe-Institut for TECHNO WORLDS and blur the boundaries between art, music, film, fashion and technology in their works.  

The Pulse Of Techno
The exhibition The Pulse Of Techno is an in-house production of Photobastei. It is centred around the core exhibition and complements it with a look at the beginnings and a focus on Zurich.

The accompanying programme
[...] picks up the threads of the exhibitions and explores the many facets of techno culture in a wide variety of formats. The extensive programme offers workshops, discussion rounds, film evenings and concerts. Above all, however, we capture the power and excitement of the flourishing music scene: with lots of parties, local and international clubs, collectives and individuals.

We are turning the museum into a walk-in club space for three months.