Zürich Marathon «VIRTUAL RUN»

Apr 25, 2021

Get ready for the Zurich Marathon "Virtual Run" on 25.04.2021.

The Zurich Marathon 2021 will take place virtually for the first time on 25 April.

Due to the lack of relaxation for major events, the time deadlines can no longer be met.

The prospects of a normal event with several thousand participants in the centre of Zurich are no longer realistic. The deadline has been delayed until the last moment, and at a later date the complex implementation with countless dependencies on the most diverse partners can no longer be guaranteed. The Zurich Marathon 2021 must therefore be shifted to a virtual format. All participants who have registered so far will have their starting place transferred to the 19th edition on 10 April 2022.

To ensure that the participants' intensive training for what is possibly the first highlight of the running year is nevertheless worthwhile, we are offering a real alternative in the form of the first virtual Zürich Marathon. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, running enthusiasts from all over the world - whether in Zurich, Berlin or Chicago - can experience the Zurich feeling on 25 April. All three distances with marathon, half marathon and city run will be offered. The start times are any time between 8 and 11 am. Registered participants of the Zürich Marathon 2021 will receive a special offer for virtual participation. With the registration for the virtual run, a starter package will be available at Jelmoli during the Runners Experience Week from Thursday, 22 April to and including Saturday, 24 April.