Zurich Theatre Spectacle

Aug 16, 2018 - Sep 2, 2018

Founded in 1980 as an international gathering of independent theatres, Zurich's Theater Spektakel has very soon developed into a cultural event with international appeal.

The Zurich Theater Spektakel is today one of the most important European festivals for contemporary forms of performing arts. For more than 30 years, Zurich's Theater Spektakel has been a sought-after venue for renowned and up-and-coming theatre and dance groups from all over the world thanks to its consistent, high-quality artistic programming, unique atmosphere and a large number of open-minded, interested audiences.

The festival lasts 18 days and takes place in the last two weeks of August at the "Landiwiese". The park-like grounds directly on Lake Zurich include up to ten playgrounds of various sizes, some of which have been specially built, including a covered open-air stage above the lake and a shipyard that offers unimagined spatial possibilities. Performances in the open air, freely accessible installations and artistic interventions on the grounds as well as the festival's own restaurants and bars make the Landiwiese a magnet for culture lovers and night owls during the festival. In combination with the programme on offer, they make Zurich's Theater Spektakel a lively and attractive cultural festival where the open-air season once again shows its best side.

Every year, the festival's programme management invites around 35 to 40 groups or individual artists from all over the world to participate in the festival's programme, whose works are convincing in terms of content relevance, formal independence, innovative character and artistic ambition. Part of the budget is available for festival productions or co-productions. Preference is given to projects that are closely related to the festival.

The Theater Spektakel is easily reachable on foot or by bus 161 & 165 from Hotel Alexander Zurich.