Hotels nearby Unterer Letten river bath

Our director, Felix Helbling, likes to cool off with a dip in the Unterer Letten river pool.

The "Underi Lätte" is the oldest river pool in the city of Zurich and a favourite meeting place for local residents.

After jumping into the water, bathers drift downstream in the swimming channel. A few fight against the current, but most climb ashore and run back - where the fun starts all over again. There is also a non-swimmers' pool, a children's paddling pool and a 3-metre diving platform. A kiosk offers specialities from the grill, fresh salads, pasta and antipasti. Cultural events take place here regularly in the evenings and an open-air cinema is held in summer.


Built in 1909 by the architects Fissler and Friedrich, the Untere Letten baths are the oldest riverside baths in the city of Zurich. At the time, the wooden outdoor pool went beyond the scope of all conventional box baths. To this day, it is almost entirely preserved in its original state. In 1956, a non-swimmers' pool and a paddling pool were added according to plans by Elsa and Ernst Burkhardt. In 1986, it was also categorised as a listed building.

You can linger under the shady arbours of the Kastenbad, on the riverside sun terrace or in the so-called "Luftbad" with sunbathing lawn and trees. In the beginning, the Untere Letten was a men's pool only, the women's pool (in the upper part of the complex) was added later. Today, all the pools are mixed.