Simply Zürich - free admission to the exhibition at the Landesmuseum Zurich

The city and canton of Zurich have a long and eventful history. This is now being shown in a permanent exhibition at the Landesmuseum. From the model of a lake dweller's hut to the Bircher grater and the flag of a youth movement, the show illuminates Zurich's diverse past.

Why Einfach Zürich? Because life is complicated enough. The exhibition begins playfully: with a sculpture of sights and humorous short films about Zurich's communities. The second room is dominated by a treasure trove of sixty objects, some everyday, some valuable - starting points for pictorial narratives between yesterday and today, on the trail of Zurich's successes. A pizza box refers to Italian immigration and its important role for modern Zurich. A magnificent drinking vessel tells of the guild revolution in the 14th century. And portraits by Huldrych Zwingli and Alfred Escher take us back to the upheavals of the Reformation and industrialisation. Finally, a cinematic spatial installation uses point cloud technology to make reality permeable. In a spectacular way, and in four journeys - along the Töss and its former factories, through Zurich's old town, into the undreamt-of depths of the main railway station, to the lake bottom and to the water supply. Einfach Zürich is a portrait in motion, invites you to participate and wishes to receive further contributions.

Admission is free for guests of the Hotel Alexander. Free tickets are available at the ticket office of the National Museum Zurich.